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February 2008

Dear CowLanai Islanders: Happy 2008! We thank you for all the support and Hulala love you've given us so far. We received many wonderful comments regarding how we can make the site more fun (surf to GreenWall); and we heard you-loud and clear-like an island lagoon after a spring rain. So, together with the Hulala Girls, we went to work. We rallied the cows, cozied up to the sea horses, and went exploring to find more fun spots on CowLanai.

Along the way, the tropical typhoons during the Hulala-lidays slowed down the cows a bit. Oh by the way, the cows do celebrate Christmas, and you should've seen the Flying Cow Squad perform at the beach party, trying to pass themselves off as Santa's Reindeers! What a spectacular show that was (though the antlers were admittedly weak)! It was so wonderful to watch that we asked the CowLanai Mayor for permission to show you next year. He couldn't make a promise (he has commitment issues). So the Hulala Girls enlisted the help of Lil'M and Yumi, Hulala mermaid leaders of the band "Sistah Misstah"... so let's cross our fingers, toes, and fins and see what happens...

Just when we thought everything was hunky-dory, giant waves rolled-in and threatened our oceanic discovery endeavors led by the mighty moray eels and heroic dolphins. We waited (and waited some more) for the waves to subside and finally the ocean calmed. The sun peered out from behind the clouds as Hana, Mele, and Skye performed their Hulala sun dance. At that moment, the Hulala Girls spotted something off the western shore of the island and around HonoHono Waterfall where the Tikimon like to hang-there is a place where the Hulala Girls now call... Hulala FriendsBay.

August 2007

"If you can imagine it, you can create it.
If you can dream it, you can become it."
-William Arthur Ward

Welcome to, our imaginary island paradise where cows fly and happiness abides.

The idea of building this online tropical community surrounding Hana, Mele and Skye, three Princesses of Nature started off as a rather innocent request. Annie, my niece and her friends wanted to play games after hearing me tell Hulala stories at bedtime. Thus, our cyber adventures began.

As with any creative endeavor, the Site took on a life of its own. Like ocean waves, ideas came crashing in. I realized that the Hulala Girls' love of adventure and respect for nature are wonderful elements we all can relate to and share.

However, unlike the Hulala Girls, not all of us have a magical wand to get us out of jams (wouldn't that be nice though?). But in our own individual ways, I believe we have inner magic. It's called the "Hula Mana", a term I learned from hula dancing in Hawaii. It means Hula Magic/Power. And the Hula is a sacred dance of nature. It is with this enchanting spirit that the Hulala Girls enter the scene.

So let's go, girls, join Hana, Mele and Skye on their adventures! More importantly, share your own Hulala stories with other nature lovers like you. This is where we all show our love and respect for nature. And personally, I think Mother Nature has a great sense of Hulala humor. Just look how She paints the tropical fish! And did you know that dolphins can sound like babies underwater? Take a listen at our download area and you'll be amazed.

So whenever you want an extra boost of Hulala fun or a dose of adventure, surf to and shake it like you own it! We just want to make you wanna Hulala!

We are your island on desktop-a home where you go for great, green fun! For a Green Planet™!

May the sky be your limit and the rainbow be your ride,

Christy Hui