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Green Ideas
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The Hulala Girls love to make waves with their green ideas! Join them and share yours here. Remember, millions of tiny ripples can roll into a giant wave!  Together our “little” ideas can create big change! Now, do your part!
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01.15.2012 7:46 am [2 Replies]
Dolphins are being ruthlessley slaughtered in Japan. They are being trapped and totured every day in Japan. To sign a petition go to Help them!!!!
09.19.2010 1:12 am
your father never use his newspaper.and he just throw it pick it and collect all news can even use them for your school projects and you can make them for your own project.
09.19.2010 1:09 am
papers came from trees.if you saw a paper.pick it up and make it an origami,your own book or a paper bag.if you didn't use all your can even use papers like you do to save the trees.
09.19.2010 1:06 am
reduce your garbages in your house like a coke can.make them as your pencil case or a can even decorate them or put a goldfish on it like your mini aquarium.reduce all the garbages in your house so the increasing of the garbages will can save mother earth too.
09.19.2010 1:03 am
re-use the stuff you never use like a paper bag for packing your P.E. uniform or for can even design them and sell them.that this idea can make garbages stop multiplying.
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