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Plastic Soup
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Calling all Hulala Surfriders!  In our Planet Alert research, we’ve come across a serious global issue with dire consequences and want to bring it to your attention.  There is a giant “plastic soup” (giant yucky pool of trash) floating in the Pacific Ocean and it’s growing at an alarming rate! The waste vortex, according to environmentalists, appears just below the water’s surface and is undetectable by satellites. This drifting “soup” stretches from about 500 nautical miles off the California coast, across the northern Pacific (along the California coast), past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan, according to the  The UN Environment Program estimates the plastic debris causes the deaths of over a million seabirds as well as over 100,000 marine mammals every year.  Plastic makes up 90% of all debris floating in the oceans.  Click here to learn more.  

How do we fix this?  Hulala research indicates that while some scientists are trying to figure things out, so far, no one has come up with real practical solutions.  We’ve also learned that China is the most aggressive country in dealing with this problem. Meanwhile, we need to drastically reduce our dependence on plastic products to reduce the waste.  Let’s start with a simple daily action step by recycling!  This has massive effect on our environment. We need to reduce the use of plastic.  Period.  We need to start using biodegradable plastic!  

 As an immediate step, reduce, reuse and recycle your plastic bags, bottles, etc. And say “no” to plastic bags.  Carry a tote instead!  Or just carry that small item and hand the back right back!  Did you know that Americans alone use over 30 billion plastic bottles for water per year according to MSNBC Nightly News?   

Here is a Hulala tidbit for you:  At our Hulala Girls’ offices, we reuse our water bottles by decorating them with our favorite characters!  Check’em out!   

There are many everyday action steps we can take.  For instance, let us all clean up when leaving a beach party or an outdoor event.  We do not want our trash to be mistaken as food and eaten by animals.  It is good to follow this old adage: “Leave the place better than you’ve found it, no matter where you are.”

Here is another small step that we can all take to make a difference. When you’re at a restaurant, order your drink without a straw. Plastic straws are not recyclable and are slow to decompose! They often end up as debris in our oceans or landfills.

Got any simple idea to reduce plastic use or recycle?   Hulala doodle share!
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We say “Sack the bags!”  Let’s recycle and reuse our plastic ware and bring our own reusable bags to the stores.  Say “NO!” to plastic bags.  We’ve found a lot of sites that offer online petition you can join to help make a difference. Here is just one example: Click here Make Waves!
09.25.2010 4:06 am
plastics are our mall every Wednesday.we have to bring green bags because if you don't have any green'll use a paper when you're in a different country.use a bag to carry all the stuff you bought.and when you got a plastic.keep them and create them as your bag.share your idea to the people or sale the bags you make out of the increasing of plastic can stop and became're a green helper and you save the world.
06.11.2010 4:00 pm
Every body in the WHOLE wide world should do these things: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!! : )
05.31.2010 7:46 am
Throwing trash in the ocean is way not cool.
05.29.2010 5:31 am
The poor fish. Their habitat is being destroyed. Fish are one of the most interesting creatures. WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM!
04.16.2010 4:03 pm
My family tries not to buy anything that uses plastics, but if the items only come in plastic, we make sure to put them in our recycling bin and take them to places that recycle.
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