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Reef Alert
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The year 2008 has been declared “International Year of the Reef!” (IYOR 2008).  This global call for protection and conservation of our oldest eco-system can not be sooner!  Did you know that over 30% of our reefs have disappeared?  When reefs vanish so do millions of fish and other marine organisms.  It is like having your home taken away from you.  That’s just a flat-out tragedy.

Thanks to Uncle Bob, an accomplished underwater photographer and a coolala friend of the Hulala Girls, you can see some underwater shots that he took while diving in the South China Seas!  Uncle Bob is 80 years old and still diving!  Hulala Shake It!  Uncle Bob! We Hulala-LAVA-Love you! 
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Want to participate in a global effort to protect our wondrous coral reef eco-system? Surf it! Click here  Make Waves!
09.19.2010 1:42 am
reefs are very important to fishes and the world.without reef.fished became homeless and no shelter to protect themselves.SAVE THE REEFS
06.11.2010 3:57 pm [1 Reply]
First, Reefs are disappearing, and then a oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico?! It's to much!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05.28.2010 5:10 pm [1 Reply]
Coral reefs are beautiful and should be kept protected.
Hula Girl
12.18.2008 3:48 am
They are a part of our world. We need to save the reefs.
12.18.2008 3:28 am
we need 2 save them. they r part of the beauty of earth. god given us this so we can enjoy them, but we r destroying them. we need 2 save them becoz it would be unfair 4 the fishes to be homeless. :( but if we work together we can save the sea and the earth :)
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