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Shark Alert
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This issue of “Shark Finning” has surfaced in our research!  And we want to share it with you.  Shark Finning is a practice of cutting off shark fins, while discarding the rest of the fish at sea. This is a widespread and largely unmonitored practice.  You might ask why anyone would want to remove a shark’s fins.  Well, that’s because of Shark Fin soup, a delicacy using dried shark fin to cook the namesake soup in Chinese cuisine.  It’s also used in traditional cures.  

Did you know that one pound of dried shark fin can sell for $300 or so?  It’s a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry. The demand for Shark Fin soup fuels the ugly, cruel practice. According to shark activists, an estimated 100,000,000 sharks are killed for the fins every year.  According to marine experts, most species of sharks will be lost within a decade. This massive loss of shark population also threatens the stability of marine ecosystem.   You can’t just throw off entire populations and not expect consequences!
If you’d like to read more about the subject, here are some coolala links!

Link 1:Click here 

Link 2:Click here 

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Let’s take action.  Join our campaign to save sharks!  Say “No” to shark fin soup!  We must first reduce the demand for the soup.  Do what you can.

We’ve found a coolala site that offers online petitions to support various shark saving initiatives. Click here and Hulala Shake It! 
Make Waves!
02.20.2012 7:17 pm
Sharks can be dangerous but that is wrong people shouldn't do that they should stop right now because that is so very CRUEL and DISGUSTING!!!
10.11.2011 5:14 pm
I will not stand for this! The poor sharks are being killed selFISHly for their fins! It's mean, cruel, and gross!! What kind of people are we!?
06.01.2010 5:12 pm
they are so mean! Those poor sharks! I HATE ALL SEAFOOD I WILL BECOME A VEGITERIAN!
05.31.2010 8:02 am
I will never ever ever eat Shark Fin soup. Yuck!
05.28.2010 5:12 pm [1 Reply]
Sharks might be feared by many people because they are scared but normally the only reason they attack is because they think you are a fish. Sharks should have the right to live just like us.
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