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Got Cute?
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Research shows that cute endangered animals, or “glamour animals”, get more attention and as a result, receive more funding and rescue efforts than the “ugly” ones.  Seriously, I mean come on.  But, let’s face it, anything cute gets more attention. That’s just human nature.  Pandas and polar bears are cute looking animals and tend to do better than the bumblebee bat, for example.

So let’s be fair!  The Hulala Girls found a great article that showcases 25 most interesting, unusual looking animals on the endangered list that need just as much, and in some cases, even more attention. Click here to see all of them!
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Let’s all remember to be fair, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Hulala Girls love bumblebee bats!  But then, we find this underwater vacuum-creature super cute!  See for yourself!  Click here Make Waves!
02.19.2012 5:20 pm
that is so wrong that only cute endangered animals are cared for! God would want everyone to care for all endangered animals not just the glamour ones.
08.01.2011 4:26 am
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03.19.2011 6:50 am
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09.25.2010 3:52 am
I'm very sad to here this because God created them and God created us to take good care of them.but why in the world people do that.that means they didn't want to take good care of God's creation.I hope people stop killing them.because some cute animals are becoming endangered because of them.we hulala surfers have ideas to help save all the cute endangered animals.we love animals and we want them to be save from dangered.SAVE THE ENDANGERD ANIMALS.
08.14.2010 6:31 pm
that is so sad that people are killing them
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