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Wiggle Station
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Wanna know something CowaCowaBunga cool?  Tutu Nani got us started on this in our own backyard!  She told us to gather our non-meat food scraps one day after lunch and took us to the back of the hut where a black box sits. She then tossed our food scraps into the box, which turned out to be a worm bin!  Tutu Nani told us to wait six to eight weeks for the Black Gold.  

Wait six weeks to find out how much Black Gold we have?  Oh, we can not wait, not even 6 minutes.  We started to do our own research.  And guess what, Tutu Nani was showing us worm composting which is also called vermiculture.  It’s not real black gold but real dirt black gold that our plants and vegetables would love!  So yeah, kinda like black gold!

Here’s the basic 411 on how it works: Our kitchen scraps become food for the red wrigglers.  Please note, not all worms are created equal.  We need the special type of red worms to do the trick.  It’s CowaCowaBunga cool to see so many little wrigglers living inside a bin!   And we continue to feed the worms our food scraps, after about six to eight weeks, the worms’ casting (sound so much better than worm poop) turns into organic fertilizer for our garden!  The “tea” (Oh, don’t even think of drinking it!  It’s another term for worm pee - ugh) is also an organic pesticide.  Very powerful stuff!  

So you see, nature has its own recycling program at work!  What a marble-licious way to make organic fertilizer for our gardens!  It helps the fruits and vegetables grow faster and stronger.  We get healthy, fresh produce again and again!  It completes the whole cycle!  And best yet, we save money and live a healthier lifestyle! Plus worms are wriggly-wiggly-jiggly cool.  Hey, we don’t make this stuff up, y’know.

We Hulala-LAVA-Love our Wiggle Station (Mele named it for us!) so much that we shared it with our friends at the LA’s BEST Health and Fitness event in April!  The kids all wanted to touch the worms, but the little wrigglers were afraid of sunlight!  It was so much fun to see other kids digging their fingers in the dirt and making funny faces when the red wrigglers craw into their hands!  Oo-oo-oolala!

Want some wiggling fun?  Surf to the “Wiggle Station” game and shake it!  By the way, you can pick up a few tidbits about vermiculture, like the kinds of food scraps that are good for the worms and what’s not!  Ummm…doesn’t “vermiculture” sound impressive?!  

Got any great gardening tips from your parents and/or teachers?  Oodle-doodle share!
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01.13.2009 9:55 am
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