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Zac Sunderland--the Youngest Solo Sailor?
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Hulala Greetings!  We Hulala Girls are super lava-excited to learn about Zac Sunderland!  Guess what?  He is only 16 years old (a high school sophomore from Thousand Oaks, California), and he’s hoping to become the youngest person to solo-circumnavigate the globe (in other words, go around the world all by his lonesome self)!  And Zac is also using solar panels and a wind generator to power his iPod and fridge, etc…  Wow!  What courage!  We also found out that Zac recently ran into pirates in the high seas but thankfully nothing happened to Zac. They left him alone!   We Hulala Girls salute you, Zac, and we wish you a safe, successful journey!   

Oh, Zac, don’t forget to phone home!  We’re certain your mom and dad and family are worried sick about you!   

Zac’s journey is expected to last about a year so we’ll try to track Captain Intrepid’s progress as news of him becomes available!  Meanwhile, click here to read more about Zac’s adventure! Click here
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