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Hollywood action hero, Kevin Costner, comes to the rescue of the BP oil spill clean up with his oil-separating centrifuge machines! These machines purportedly can take in thousands of gallons of water and remove up to 99% of the oil! In test trials with BP, the company says one of the machines can process about 795,000 liters a day, sucking out the goo – that’s about 2,870 bath tubs of water! Mr. Costner bought the patent in 1989 and has invested $24 million of his own money and 15 years in developing the technology. He co-founded a manufacturing company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, to make the machines and help further his brother’s research in spill cleanup technology, according to Daily News & Economic Review. Click here to read more: In testimony before Congress earlier this month, Mr. Costner explained how the technology works and gave a chilling example that had 20 of his machines been deployed at the time of the Exxon Valdez oil spill (March 24, 1989), 90% of that oil would have been recovered within a week! Click on the link below to read more and watch Mr. Costner's testimony. Mr. Costner’s vision and devotion to environmental protection is commendable! He is our Green Hero! In light of Mr. Costner’s clean up effort and testimony, it begs the question: Should the oil companies be required to put in place standard emergency cleanup technologies to respond to catastrophic oil spills before they drill?
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Regardless of your answers, this whole BP saga reminds us how important it is to live GREEN! We need to develop GREEN technologies that are friendly to Mother Earth, such as wind, wave, and solar power. Most importantly, let us RECYCLE, REUSE & REDUCE our energy consumption! Share with us your thoughts here! Make Waves!
Coconut Princess
07.26.2010 9:22 am
how come this story was not featured on TV news? it should be!
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